Chapel Services

A traditional Chapel Service occurs within a few days of the death. The family contacts the funeral home and makes arrangements to host the service for the family and friends of their deceased loved one. The funeral home director then takes charge to make sure the service is performed in an orderly and comforting manner. The funeral director will prepare a schedule and help the family with the burdensome tasks of transporting the deceased to the chapel, scheduling the conductor of the service and decorating the chapel with photos and memorabilia.

The ceremony itself will include a eulogy and an opportunity for loved ones who want to share their personal additional memories. While there is no official length of time for a chapel service, they generally last for about 1/2 hour to 1 hour. Afterwards the body can be brought to the final resting place. The funeral director take care of the logistics to choreograph the sequence of events and remove the burden of making arrangements from the family.

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