Prearrangement is the planning of the details of a funeral before death occurs. While for some, the act of preparing for ones passing can be difficult, it is comforting to know that your wishes and the burden and expense of planning a funeral are taken care of.

Basically, all or part of a funeral can be prearranged. This includes the plot, casket, ceremony and the transportation. A funeral director can walk you through every alternative.

Another aspect of prearrangement is the task of making sure your affairs are in order. This involves identifying any insurance, finances and valuables you may have. Of course, you should have a will and other personal financial records easily available for your next of kin.

Your funeral director can supply you with checklists and worksheets to facilitate this task. We can also help you talk with financial planners who can help get you finances in order as well as work out a plan to pay for your final expenses.

Pre-need Payment

For some, the burden of the final expenses can best be handled before the actual death. Money is put aside in an account managed by the funeral home. The costs of all things are determined before the actual funeral and once the death occurs, the funds are release and the specific requirements of the funeral are in place.

Post-need Payment

In some cases, it is more convenient to pay for the funeral at the time of need. That doesn't prevent all the arrangements to be completed. Instead just the financing is left for later. Sometimes there are special accounts set up by family members for this, other times insurance is used to pay. It is really up to the individual and their kin to determine what is best. Often families simply go into their savings to pay these expenses.

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